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Paying at the Store

Payment Solutions Simplified

Credit Card and Payment Processing Made for Your Business.

Competitive Rates. Low-to-No Fees.

More Money in your Pocket.

Scott McCarty - Owner & Payment Solution Specialist (and Dodger)

Enjoy Stress-Free Rate Plans

High rates and long-term contracts are just the cost of business, right? I don’t buy it.


Here’s a few other things I’m not buying either:

  • Useless hidden fees.

  • Astronomical cancellation fees.

  • One-size-fits-all plans that don’t fit your business.


At Pay with Prestige, your business comes first. 


I guarantee 100% transparent fee structures, competitive rates, no messy contracts, and discounted payroll services through ADP. All just a free consultation away.

Check out my value-packed rate plans to find the right fit for you.

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Great Tech.
Better Prices.

Stop losing sleep over nightmarishly out-of-date technology. 


As a reseller, Pay with Prestige provides you with the latest and greatest products. All at a discounted rate. 


So, rest easy. You’ll be equipped with the tech you need to run your business in your sleep.

Paying with a Phone
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Credit Card Purchase
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Payment Solutions,
Right in your Backyard.

When you need support, the last thing you want to hear is the soulless drone of a robot. Wasting your valuable time with vague questions and mind-numbingly long wait times. 

I feel your pain. And I promise to never put you through that.


Founded by local veteran Scott McCarty, Pay with Prestige is proud to call Oregon home, and is dedicated to serving you and the community through passionate customer service.

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Bulletproof Your Business.
Protect Your Data.

Stability, Longevity, and Security. That’s what’s on the table when you choose Pay with Prestige.


I fight tooth and nail to secure you with a long-term merchant account that has your back. 


Equipped with the highest security standards - because fraud is no joke, and your attention is better spent on what you do best. Like making your next sale.

Paying with Cellphone
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